this house belongs to zanny

  • the UPDATE.

    August 22, 2019 by hello, how are you? I have a story for you today. I like to be called zanny. I don’t know, its cute to me…. do you ever wake up and just start moving? you don’t know where you’re going but anywhere but here. I feel like a bratty kid who repeats herself over and… Read more

  • Spiritual Changes.

    August 5, 2019 by

    This past year has been the hardest for me. I am a creative, fun, talented woman who is being forced into a BIG change in my life. Im fueled through love and praise. I love to make people smile, laugh and ideally feel good. Somewhere between chaos, growing more, and meeting someone I truly wanted… Read more

  • Alexandria’s Mental Breakdown

    August 4, 2019 by

    Dear God, Was I suppose to just forget about him? How can the person who brought me to my greatest not be here with me? Sometimes I see post online and it triggers me off. I can’t even understand why because I’m so spiritually in tune. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’m learning.… Read more

  • Fri-Yay Tarot Pull

    August 2, 2019 by

    Hi guys, I like to call myself a love reader. I’m a hopeless romantic and tarot helps me stay connected to that warm hearted side of me. This reading is general. It may or may not apply. I asked my cards for “the overall energy” today. Meaning, in the mass population. What are the majority… Read more

  • Improved Alexandria

    August 2, 2019 by

    I have never been big on “working a 9 to 5”… like never. Most jobs I’ve had I lasted a month tops. Until of course…. I fell in love with a handsome crafted financially stable man made just for me by God who managed businesses. I went from having no clue to who or what… Read more

  • Alexandria on Marriage

    August 1, 2019 by

    Why do I feel so weird when I say ” I want to get married ” or ” I’m looking for a husband” to someone. In this day and age, if I told someone I want to get married they’ll yell “Hell no, not marriage!” Why are they afraid of love? “Why do people feel… Read more

  • A note from Alexandria

    July 31, 2019 by

    Thank you for joining me on this new journey. I wanted the best platform I could work with to provide valuable information for my fans and supporters. In life, we have to put ourselves first. That includes everything we let inside our heart. Learn how to say “no” to anything that doesn’t serve your highest good.… Read more

  • The Black Moon

    July 31, 2019 by

    A key to spirituality. (photos by: @halleberry on instagram.) July 31, 2019 we will be having a New Moon. A new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle. Or, as we like to say new beginnings. My moon sign is Leo. Leo’s are unapologetic, loud and proud, warmhearted, creative and GENEROUS!  For this new lunar phase, I want to focus… Read more

  • Self Care Essentials After A Break-up

    July 31, 2019 by

    (photos by: @gisellezahara on instagram) We’ve all been through breakups. We usually feel sad, stuck and…. crying? Yes crying! Crying is a healthy release. Let it all out hunny.. But what if we told you It’s ACTUALLY REALLY REALLY okay. What now? 1. Reflect. Love yourself by doing less. Connect with your deepest feelings and desires. This Is your time to rest. 2.… Read more

  • Alexandria’s Morning Ritual

    July 31, 2019 by

    Hi darling, I wanted to start living a happy, healthy life. I was always told you should have a positive morning to have a smooth day. I try to stay off my phonewhen I first wake up because I like to focus on myself and what I have to accomplish.  I’ve never shared my secrets before so… Read more


    July 31, 2019 by

    Trust : You cannot have a healthy relationship without it. And yet, we all have a scenario where it has been broken!  Can trust that’s been broken be rebuilt? Yes! This article explores 5 ways on how to build trust in a relationship, including practical tips. The following suggestions about how to build trust were provided… Read more


    July 31, 2019 by

    I’ll never forget that night. I’ll explain what I seen. I was hanging with my homie, Tony, was his name. We met the night I flew back in town because I wanted my man again.  One night my twin and I was out and about. We rolled up to a gas station and I yelled out “come here” to… Read more

  • Who are we?

    July 31, 2019 by

    Being happy isn’t about getting everything perfect. Being happy is about living a lifestyle suitable for you and what you represent. We are here to guide you through and share ideas with one another. From beauty, health, home, wellness, travel, shopping, make-up, feelings and hair. Promesalife is here for you. 

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